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Website Design

Get a Responsive, sharp looking, Functional website with a Content Management System, I’ve got you covered. In the digital age of today the majority of users will view your website on their mobile device. That’s why it’s important you have a responsive design that will change to the different screen sizes. I will set you up with a Domain name and advise on Hosting. I can also set you up a professional email address.

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Do you want to open an online store ? Maybe you own a brick & Mortar business but realised some of your products can be sent via post.. Well setting up an E-Commerce store is the way forward, you can take payments online instantly and get your products seen by potential customers across a far bigger Geographical area as far as you want your marketing to take you.

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Branding & Creative Design

You need to know your message. Your brand should represent who you are as a business. Are you coming across as a Genuine, relatable, valuable Brand that customers want to engage with ? Do you actually care ? Consistent Branding really is Key to helping your overall success. Start with a Quality Logo Design that represents your business..the rest will follow

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Digital Strategy

You should have a Digital Strategy in place, it should be one of the strongest aspects of your Business. It acts like a plan for all your digital outlets, and what needs to be achieved to reach certain goals. By unifying your strategy you can work towards an overall outcome from gaining more leads or more sales or getting more downloads. In todays market you can’t afford to miss an opportunity online. Need Help ?

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Content Marketing & Case Study Writing

Do you currently write quality, detailed articles, Case Studies or content with loads of super advice or information around your products or services ? Why Not ? This can be a great way of communicating with potential customers as well as adding your keyword rich content to attract a better place in search listings. Contact me and see how this can help your business.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become one of the most cost effective forms of Digital marketing, when done right. It is a powerful tool which you should be using right now. You should have remarketing and retargeting set up no question, in order to stay present in front of potential customers. Do you know your potential customers ? What else do they buy ? Time to find out..

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